testosterone enanthate vs propionate

Testosterone enanthate vs propionate


A synthetic steroid antigestogennoe means (blocks the action of progesterone at the receptor level gestagenovyh) progestogenic activity is not. Marked antagonism with corticosteroids (due to competition on the level of communication testosterone enanthate vs propionate with the receptors). A key role in the pathogenesis of uterine leymiomy play hormones, especially progesterone. The use of progesterone …

testosterone propionate vs enanthate

Testosterone propionate vs enanthate


Marked antagonism with glucocorticosteroids (GCS) (due to competition on the level of communication with the receptors). Increases contractility of the myometrium, stimulating the release of IL-8 in horiodetsidualnyh cells, increasing the sensitivity of the myometrium to prostaglandins (to enhance the effect used in combination with a synthetic prostaglandin analog). As testosterone propionate vs enanthate a …