Testosterone cypionate vs propionate

testosterone cypionate vs propionate

Testosterone cypionate vs propionate essence is obtained from the leaves, seeds and fruits of myrtle tree. The most important active ingredients are polyphenols, flavonoids and saponins.These materials contain different components, the most important of which – B-pinene, limonene, cineol, linelol, terpineol, mirtenol.

Mirtopleks has antiviral activity against herpes simplex virus (Herpes simplex (HCV)) type I and II. The drug inhibits the proliferation phase of the virus and prevent the development of new lesions, which are caused by a virus during reproduction. Maximum efficiency of the drug building block of lipids is observed in the first hours after the onset of the disease. It has little antibacterial activity, thereby prevents the accession of secondary infection.

Indications for use

Mirtopleks indicated for treatment of infections manifestations caused by herpes simplex virus on various areas of the skin, including the vulva.

Dosing and Administration


testosterone cypionate vs propionate vs enanthateThe preparation should be applied a thin layer to the affected skin area 3 to 5 times a day testosterone propionate.

The ointment testosterone cypionate vs propionate is applied with a cotton swab or clean hands to avoid the further spread of infection.

Therapy is continued until until no bubbles formed peel or they are not completely healed. Duration of therapy averaged 5-7 days, and should not exceed 10 days testosterone propionate half life.

Side effects

In the application of this drug is not observed any significant side effects.

Pregnancy and lactation

Perhaps the use of the drug during pregnancy and lactation.

special instructions

  • Do not apply ointment Mirtopleks eye cornea or the skin around the eyes
  • Do not apply ointment Mirtopleks when an herpetic manifestations in the oral cavity.
  • For maximum effect, you need to use the drug even at the first sign of illness (burning, itching, tingling, a sense of tension and redness).
  • In the treatment of genital herpes should avoid sex or use condoms, as Testosterone cypionate vs propionate application does not prevent transmission of the virus to partners.

Interaction with other drugs

In applying the drug in conjunction with other drugs was not observed any – any interaction reactions. steroiden kaufen


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